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Members are the people who collaborate on a site. There are API calls for getting a list of the members of the site, getting the site membership information for a person, adding a person to a site, and updating a person's site membership information.

Member object

Property Type JSON Type Description
role enumerated string string The member's role. Possible values are SiteManager, SiteContributor, and SiteCollaborator.
id email id string The person's personId - the email address with which the person registered
person person object object An embedded person object describing this member.

Example of a member object

            "description":"a person",
               "postcode":"fff fff",
               "telephone":"01234 456789",
               "fax":"01234 456789",
            "telephone":"01234 99229922",
            "jobTitle":"Chief Bottle Washer",
            "mobile":"07777 012345"

List order

Lists of these entities are returned ordered by ascending (lastName, firstName, role).