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Create child folder

Creates a Child Folder in the specified Site Container or existing Folder.
POST /alfresco/service/api/node/folder/{store_type}/{store_id}/{id}
POST /alfresco/service/api/site/folder/{site}/{container}/{path}
POST /alfresco/service/api/site/folder/{site}/{container}

By default the new folder will be of type cm:folder, but subtypes of cm:folder may be specified instead.

The new NodeRef will be returned if the folder can be created.

The minimum request is of the form:
     { "name": "NewNodeName" }
The full set of parameters accepted in the request is of the form:
       "name": "NewNodeName",
       "title": "New Node Title",
       "description": "A shiny new node",
       "type": "cm:folder"
  • If the folder is created, STATUS_SUCCESS (200)
  • If the parent for the folder is not found, STATUS_NOT_FOUND (404)
  • If the user lacks permission to create the folder, STATUS_FORBIDDEN (403)
  • If the request JSON is invalid in some way, STATUS_BAD_REQUEST (400)
The web script description document specifies the following options:
Value Description
json The default response format
user The authentication access
required The transaction level
argument The format style