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Encapsulates data submitted by using a multipart form.

When multipart/form-data is posted to a web script, the Web Script Framework provides a special root object named formdata that allows access to the posted request through a simple API, hiding the complexities of parsing the request directly. The API provides access to each form field, including its name and value. For form fields of type file, the content of the uploaded file is also provided. To simplify even further, all fields other than those of type file are also added to the root objects args and argsM.

The formdata root object provides an API that allows direct access to form fields submitted through the multipart/form-data content type. The formdata object comprises a number of formfields.

formdata API

formdata is the root object that represents the submitted form, which comprises one or more form fields.

The following API provides access to the form fields.
hasField(string fieldname)
Returns a Boolean indicating the existence of the form field named fieldname.
(Read-only) An array of formfield objects where each entry represents a field within the form

The formfield API

The formfield object represents a single field within the form, allowing access to the field metadata and content through the following API:

(Read-only string) The name of the field as defined in the form. Note that form fields cannot be uniquely named.
(Read-only Boolean) Indicates whether the field is of type file.
(Read-only string) The value of the field as entered into the form. Fields of type file return the file name. File content must be retrieved through content instead.
(Read-only ScriptContent) The value of the field as entered into the form represented as a ScriptContent object.
(Read-only string) For form fields of type file, the MIME type of the content; otherwise, null.
(Read-only string) For form fields of type file, the file name of the uploaded file; otherwise, null.