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The server object provides metadata describing the host Alfresco server that the web script is currently running in.
Server metadata is accessed through the following properties of the server object.
Type Description
versionMajor (Read-only string) Server major version number; for example 1.2.3
versionMinor (Read-only string) Server minor version number; for example 1.2.3
versionRevision (Read-only string) Server revision number; for example 1.2.3
versionLabel (Read-only string) Server version label; for example, Dev.
versionBuild (Read-only string) Server build number; for example, build-1
version (Read-only string array) Server version; for example, major.minor.revision (label)
edition (Read-only string) Server edition, such as 'Enterprise' or 'Community'
schema (Read-only string) Server schema; for example, 10