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url is a root object providing access to the URL (or parts of the URL) that triggered the web script.

Access to the URL parts is through the following properties on the url object.
Type Description
context (Read-only string) Alfresco context path
serviceContext (Read-only string) Alfresco service context path
service (Read-only string) Web script path
full (Read-only string) Web script URI with query parameters
match (Read-only string) The part of the web script URI that matched the web script URI template
args (Read-only map) Web script URI query parameters
templateArgs (Read-only map) A map of substituted token values (within the URI path) indexed by token name
extension (Read-only string) The part of the web script URL that extends beyond the match path (if there is no extension, an empty string is returned)
A web script URI template of: /user/{userid} requests the URI: /alfresco/service/user/fred?profile=full&format=html

The url root object returns:
  • url.context => /alfresco
  • url.serviceContext => /alfresco/service
  • url.service => /alfresco/service/user/fred
  • url.full => /alfresco/service/user/fred?profile=full&format=html
  • url.args => profile=full&format=html
  • url.templateArgs.userid => fred
  • url.match => /user/
  • url.extension => fred