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The args element represents a list of arguments passed to the web script. This are listed for documentation purposes. The args element is optional.

The args element has the following child elements:


Denotes an argument to the webscript. The arg element can contain the following child elements:

  • name - the name of the argument.
  • description - the description of the argument.

The args element has no attributes.

args element example:
  <shortname>Alfresco Audit Service Clear</shortname>
  <description>Delete audit entries for a given application and time range</description>
  <format default="json" />
      <description>Name of the audit application (mandatory)</description>
      <description>Time, in milliseconds, of the oldest audit entry to delete (omit to assume oldest)</description>
      <description>Time, in milleseconds, of the youngest audit entry to delete (omit to assume current time)</description>

  <!--  turn off the multipart formdata processing -->
  <formdata multipart-processing="false" />