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The responses element represents a collection of response types for the web script. The responses element is optional.

The responses element has the following child elements:


Denotes a response.

The response element has the following attributes:

This attribute specifies the response type.
responses element example:
<webscript kind="org.alfresco.cmiskind">
  <shortname>Get ACL (getACL)</shortname>
  Get the ACL currently applied to the specified document or folder object.
  <!-- by object id -->
  <!-- by object path -->
  <!-- alfresco style -->
        <description>the store name</description>
        <description>the node id of the object</description>
        <description>the path of the object (relative to CMIS root, typically "Company Home")</description>
        <description>the path of the object (relative to root of Alfresco store)</description>

  <format default="cmisacl">argument</format>
    <response type="cmis.acl"/>
  <transaction allow="readonly"/>