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The url element represents a URI template to which the web script is bound. Variants of the URI template which specify a format do not need to be registered, however, specifying them is useful for documentation purposes. There must be at least one url element, but there can be several.

The url element has no attributes.

url element example:
  <shortname>Alfresco Repo Usage</shortname>
  JSON Returned:
   "lastUpdate" : 1298463432794,
   "users" : 1,
   "documents" : 54,
   "licenseMode" : "TEAM",
   "readOnly" : false,
   "updated" : true,
   "licenseValidUntil" : null,
   "level" : 0,
   "warnings": [],
   "errors": []
  level 0: nothing to report
  level 1: report warnings and errors to admin only
  level 2: report warnings and errors to all
  level 3: report warnings and errors to all; system is locked for updates
  <format default="json"/>
  <transaction allow="readonly">required</transaction>