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Install Spring Loaded

The Alfresco SDK's Rapid Application Development (RAD) features uses Spring Loaded.
There are no pre-requisites for this installation.
Spring Loaded is a Java agent (represented by a JAR file) that enables class reloading in a running JVM. It will enable you to update a Java file in your Alfresco extension project and then see the effect of the change directly in a running Alfresco-Tomcat-JVM instance without having to re-build JARs, AMPs, and WARs and re-deploying them, saving you loads of time.
  1. Download the Spring Loaded JAR from here.
  2. Copy JAR to some directory.

    There is no specific installation needed, just copy the JAR to a permanent place where you can refer to it.

You now have the Spring Loaded JAR readily available in a directory.