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Importing SDK projects into Eclipse

The Alfresco SDK is designed to work well with Eclipse. This support includes the ability to import existing SDK projects (created via the command line) into Eclipse.
This task assumes you completed the Installing and Configuring software section and generated a project as described in this section.
You will learn how to import an existing Maven project into Eclipse.
  1. In Eclipse, from the main menu select File > Import... > Maven > Existing Maven Projects.
  2. Click Next >
  3. Click Browse...>
  4. Navigate to the directory where your Maven project is located. For example alfresco-extensions/all-in-one.

    You should see a dialog looking something like this when importing an All-in-One (AIO) project:

  5. Click Finish

    The project, and any sub-projects, will now be imported.

  6. Enable Alfresco Enterprise edition (Optional)

    If your project is using the Enterprise edition of Alfresco you also want Eclipse to load the enterprise versions of the Alfresco WARs and related libraries. You can do this by enable the enterprise profile. In the Package Explorer view to the left, right click on the all-in-one project, then select Maven from the popup menu. Now in the next popup menu choose Select Maven Profiles.... In the dialog that appears select the enterprise profile, you should see a dialog looking something like this now:

  7. Configure external Maven

    Use the external Maven installation. In the Window top menu to the right in Eclipse, click on the Preferences sub-menu item at the bottom, then select Maven from the pop-up dialog menu. Now in the Maven sub-menu choose Installations. In the dialog that appears to the right select the external Maven installation (or add it if it is not in the list), you should see a dialog looking something like this now:

    Now close this Preferences dialog and open the Run Configurations dialog. Make sure the external Maven configuration is used:

    Warning: If the EMBEDDED Maven installation is used then you might encounter the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION JRE error when running.
You have seen how to import your SDK project(s) into Eclipse. You can now build, run and debug them in the usual way, using RAD and TDD techniques.