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Upgrading Alfresco Office Services from a previous version of Alfresco

AOS replaces the Microsoft SharePoint Protocol Support that was delivered as a separate AMP file in previous versions of Alfresco. Use this information if you are a previous user of Microsoft SharePoint Protocol Support and need to upgrade.
AOS is delivered as part of the standard Alfresco installation.
  1. Upgrade Alfresco, as described in Upgrading Alfresco general procedure.

    Note: If you are not using the installer, it is very important that you install the ROOT.war and _vti_bin.war files that are required for AOS. See Installing the Alfresco WARs for information on how to do this.
  2. Launch Alfresco Share.

    Test that you can edit your Microsoft Office documents by using the right-click Edit online option on any Office document in Alfresco Share.

  3. Alternatively, open a Microsoft Office application (for example, Word) and select the File tab and Open. Enter the Alfresco server address in the File name field in the format: http://servername:portnumber/alfresco/aos and browse to a folder to edit an Office document.

    Any version history from the previous version of Alfresco will not be available in Microsoft Office, but is available in Alfresco Share.