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Creating new search filters

In the Search Manager you can quickly create your own custom filters with a wide range of options available.
  1. In the Search Manager, accessed from the search results screen, click Create New Filter.

    Tip: You can also click on an existing Filter ID to edit it.
  2. Enter a Filter ID unique identifier for the new search filter.
  3. Enter a Filter Name. This is the name of the filter shown in the search results screen. For default filters what is shown here doesn't represent what's shown on the search results screen.

    Note: You can't select a custom filter to be a Default Filter.
  4. The Show with Search Results option is selected by default. Deselect it if you don't want the filter to be shown on the search results screen.
  5. Select a property to filter by from the Filter Property drop-down list.
  6. Select a Filter Type. This is how the filter is displayed on the search results screen. The default option is Simple Filter which is a check box.
  7. Select the Sort By order in which the filter results are displayed on the search results page.
  8. Select the Number of Filters that are shown by default on the search results screen.
  9. Select the Minimum Filter Length. This helps you exclude short words such as "and" and "to" from filter results.
  10. Select the Minimum Required Results which is the minimum number of matches a filter result must have to be shown on the search results screen.
  11. Select the Filter Availability:
    • Everywhere - shown on all sites
    • Selected sited - only shown on selected sites. Click to add a site then select it from the list and click to confirm. Click to add more sites if required.
  12. Click Save