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SMB/CIFS advanced Spring overrides

The SMB/CIFS server beans are declared in the file-servers-context.xml file. Using the subsystem extension classpath mechanism, you can place site specific customization of these default values in a Spring bean file in <extension>\subsystems\fileServers\default\default\custom-file-servers-context.xml (note that the default\default part of the path is intentional).
The main bean that drives the CIFS server configuration is called cifsServerConfig. This has several properties that can be populated with child beans that control various optional SMB implementations.
Controls the Java-based SMB over TCP/IP implementation, which is compatible with Windows 2000 clients and later.
Controls the Java-based NetBIOS over TCP/IP implementation, which is compatible with all Windows clients.
Controls the JNI-based NetBIOS over TCP/IP implementation, which is only enabled for Alfresco servers running on Windows.

When one of the specified properties is not set, it deactivates support for the corresponding protocol implementation. The tcpipSMB and netBIOSSMB beans have a platforms property that allows their configuration to be targeted to Alfresco servers running on specific platforms. The property is formatted as a comma-separated list of platform identifiers. Valid platform identifiers are linux, solaris, macosx, and aix.

  1. The serverComment of the cifsServerConfig bean controls the comment that is displayed in various information windows.
  2. Use the following steps for troubleshooting CIFS.
    1. The sessionDebugFlags property of the cifsServerConfig bean enables debug output levels for CIFS server debugging. The value should be in the form of a comma-separated list of the flag names.

      Flag Description
      NetBIOS NetBIOS layer
      State Session state changes
      Tree File system connection/disconnection
      Search Folder searches
      Info File information requests
      File File open/close
      FileIO File read/write
      Tran Transaction requests
      Echo Echo requests
      Errors Responses returning an error status
      IPC IPC$ named pipe
      Lock File byte range lock/unlock
      Pkttype Received packet type
      Dcerpc DCE/RPC requests
      Statecache File state caching
      Notify Change notifications
      Streams NTFS streams
      Socket NetBIOS/native SMB socket connections
      PktPool Memory pool allocations/de-allocations
      PktStats Memory pool statistics dumped at server shutdown
      ThreadPool Thread pool
    2. The file must also have SMB/CIFS protocol debug output enabled using:
    3. The following logging level must also be enabled to log debug output from the core file server code: