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Inviting members to your site

Now that you've created a site and added content, the next step is to invite other Alfresco users to the site.
  1. Click the Invite icon (Invite to Site ) at the top of the dashboard to open the Invite page.

    Tip: You don't need to be on your site dashboard to do this - the Invite option is available from everywhere in your site.
  2. In the Search for People section, type the full or partial name of a user you want to invite and click Search.

    Important: An internal user is someone in your organization. This tutorial will add the test user, Alice Beecher, but if your Alfresco administrator has already set up users by using the Admin Console you can add real users if you prefer.
  3. Click Add to add the user to the Invite Users list.
  4. Click Select Role and select Collaborator.

    Note: You can set different roles for different users; take a look at the Alfresco Permissions for more details on user roles.
  5. Click Invite.
An email invitation is sent to each person that you invited. Once they've accepted the invitation they'll be able to start sharing content on your site.
This video shows the steps in the tutorial.