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Downloading files

You can quickly download files from Alfresco so that you have a local copy.
Important: When you select a locked file you're actually downloading the last version that was added to Alfresco, which might be out of date. The user who locked it for editing might have a more recent version of it outside Alfresco.
  1. Hover over a file/folder and click Download / Download as Zip.

    You are prompted to open or save the file. Depending on your browser settings, the file might be saved automatically to a default location on your computer.

  2. Save the file to your computer.

    Tip: You can also select multiple files and/or folders and Download as Zip from the Selected Items menu.
    Tip: If a file is a Microsoft Office, PDF, or other text-based file type (not an image or video) then you can also Download it in its original format or as a PDF on the file preview screen.