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Viewing a file

You can preview files by clicking on the thumbnail or name in the document library. All file details and actions are available on this one screen.
The preview screen is split into four sections:

Info and options

The info includes the file location and name, version number, the user who last modified the file, and the date/time of the modification. An icon to the left of these shows the file type.

Above this info is a link to return to the document library.

With the options you can:

  • Click Like icon to download a file.
  • Click Like icon to like a file. You can click it again to unlike it.
  • Click Favorite icon to favorite a file. You can click it again to unfavorite it.
  • Click Comment icon to comment on a file. When you've entered your comment click Add Comment.
  • Click Share icon to share a file. You can copy a link or share it directly on social media.

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The preview options depend on what kind of file you're previewing.

A video preview has standard video playback controls.

When you preview a Microsoft Office, PDF, or other text-based file type (not an image or video) then you can zoom in and out, click Maximize to view a larger preview, and scroll between pages of multi-page files.
Tip: The zoom level and current page number are saved for the next time you preview this item.
You can also:
  • Download Like icon the file in its original format or as a PDF.
  • Click Advanced Search icon to share a link to the file, and even select to Link to current page.
  • Click Advanced Search icon to search for text within the file.

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Comments are beneath the preview. Here you can add a comment, as well as edit and delete comments you've added.

Note: You can't add a comment if you have Consumer permission levels for the site.

The comment list displays the 10 most recent comments. Click previous (<<) and next (>>) to see more comments.

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Actions and details list
The actions and details are grouped in sections that you can expand and collapse.
Tip: The viewing options are saved for the next time you preview this file.
  • Document Actions - All actions available for the file.
  • Tags - Tags associated with the item. Click Configure icon to display the Edit Properties page. On this page click Select beneath the Tags label to edit the tags. You can add and remove existing tags, and create new tags.
  • Share - Select and copy this link to share it with others.
  • Properties - Click Configure icon to edit the properties of the file.
  • Sync - Displays information about content that has been synchronized to Alfresco Cloud.
  • Permissions - Click Permissions icon to edit the permissions for this file.
  • Workflows - Displays tasks that this file is included in. The profile picture of the user who started the task and the task type are shown. Click Tasks icon to start a new task for this file, and click a task description to view the task.
  • Version History - Displays previous versions. Click Upload version icon to upload a new version, Replace version icon to replace the current version with a previous version, Download icon to download a previous version, or Version properties icon to view previous version properties.

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This video shows you how to view an item in Alfresco.