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Using Alfresco from other applications

There are a number of options available where you can access and use Alfresco content without being in Alfresco.

Microsoft Office

You can open, edit, and save files that are stored in Alfresco, directly from Microsoft Office apps such as Word and Excel. This same functionality also lets you open files from Windows Explorer, as well as the option to map a network drive to Alfresco.

Microsoft Outlook

With the Alfresco Outlook Integration you can save and file your emails to Alfresco from within Microsoft Outlook. You can drag and drop emails in and out of Alfresco, and add properties automatically when an email is filed. Other features full search, tagging and workflow capabilities

Windows Explorer shortcuts

There are also some shortcuts available that your Alfresco administrator can enable so you can work with Alfresco files from Windows Explorer or from your desktop.