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Installing and configuring Alfresco Outlook Integration

Alfresco Outlook Integration is an extension to Alfresco and Microsoft Outlook, that allows you to save and file your emails to Alfresco in Microsoft Outlook, in a centralized and structured way.

You can drag and drop emails in and out of the repository, and add metadata automatically when an email is filed. Other features include leveraging Alfresco's in-built workflow processing and filtered search capabilities.

Advanced metadata support includes:
  • Full support for custom models
  • A configurable and dynamic metadata dialog
  • The ability to map metadata configuration to a path, folder type, or aspect
  • The ability to assign the same metadata to a set of emails in Microsoft Outlook, or a set of files in your file system

You can apply a sorted view to the Alfresco repository (in Microsoft Outlook), and page through a folder or site if it contains a large number of files.

For more information about installing and configuring Alfresco Outlook Integration, see Installing and configuring Alfresco Outlook Integration.

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