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Setting up authentication and security

Use this information to manage authentication in Alfresco, and to configure keystores for repository encryption.
The first time you access a vanilla Alfresco installation, you can identify yourself by entering a new user name and password in the Login screen. If you log in with the credentials of a user with administrator privileges, you can create additional users and assign them passwords. In this out-of-the-box set up, you can manage the user base and their passwords manually in Alfresco.
Note: Choose a strong, unique password for your admin account, and consider changing it regularly.

From here, there are a number of common customizations you might want to make to scale up to the needs of a larger enterprise. For example, you might want to:

  • Enable automatic sign-on using operating system credentials or a Single Sign-On (SSO) server to remove the need for a Login page
  • Delegate authentication responsibility to a central directory server to remove the need to set up users manually
  • Protect your repository and Solr communications using encryption