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Alfresco Web Editor

Alfresco Web Editor provides in-context editing functionality for content obtained from an Alfresco repository. This enables you to edit Alfresco content directly in the web page in which it is being viewed.
Note: You can use Search topics to narrow the search scope to just this topic, or to this topic and its subtopics.
  • Click Search topics Search Topics icon in the Contents toolbar.
  • Select Search selected topic or Search selected topic and all subtopics from the menu. A search window appears.
  • Enter your search query in the search window and click OK. The search results are listed in the Search Results view.

In a web browser that has JavaScript enabled, a ribbon displays the application toolbar, which is always visible, and the Web Editor toolbar.

Alfresco Web Editor ribbon

With JavaScript disabled, the Web Editor in-context editing functionality is still available in the web page but no ribbon is displayed. In this case, either an icon (CSS enabled) or text marker (CSS disabled) indicates the editable content on the web page.

The application toolbar contains the following features:

Enables you to position the ribbon in the browser; select from the options Top, Left, and Right
Displays online help specific to the current tab
Logs you out of the Alfresco repository

For the purpose of this document, it is assumed that you are running a web browser with JavaScript enabled.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

You don't appear to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. With JavaScript enabled, you can provide feedback to us using our simple form. Here are some instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.