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Configuration overview

Alfresco is preconfigured with a set of system configuration parameters. Many of the system configuration parameters are completely exposed as properties, which you can configure for your specific environment requirements.

Use the following methods to configure Alfresco:

  • Alfresco Admin Console
  • Share Admin Tools
  • Editing the global properties
  • Using a JMX client, such as JConsole
If you use multiple methods to configure Alfresco, updates made using a JMX client will override any other settings, and updates in the Admin Console and Admin Tools override settings in These settings also persist in the database, and are not reflected back into the file.

Alfresco Admin Console

The Alfresco Admin Console is an administrator's tool to manage your Alfresco configuration. You can run the Admin Console from a browser without having to start Alfresco Share. See Using the Admin Console for more information.

Share Admin Tools

Share Admin Tools is an administrator's tool to create and manage users and groups from Share, set application preferences, manage categories and tags, and browse the system information in the node browser. See Using the Share Admin Tools for more information.

Global properties file

The global properties file ( is used by Alfresco to detect extended properties. For example, when you install Alfresco, many of the installation settings are saved in the global properties file. The global properties file is used by Alfresco to detect the extended properties. You can use the global properties to set all your property settings; whenever you make a change, you must restart the Alfresco server to apply those changes. See Using the file for more information.

JMX client

The JMX client allows you to edit the settings while the system is running. The settings you change are automatically persisted in the database and synchronized across a cluster. When you start up Alfresco, the system initially uses the file to set the properties in the JMX client, but then any changes you make in the JMX client persist in the database but are not reflected back into the file. See Using a JMX client to change settings dynamically for more information.

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