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Platform extensions

Platform Extensions are extensions to the Alfresco Platform, and can be implemented through a variety of mechanisms. This information identifies the supported extension points and how you can leverage them to build your extensions to the Alfresco Platform.

There are many ways you can extend the Alfresco Platform. You can write new Actions and Behaviors, create custom content models, use existing services, or write new Platform services, create custom REST APIs, create workflows, create new ratings systems and so on. Each of these extension points is documented here, usually with links to additional resources such as APIs (in Java, JavaScript and FreeMarker, for example), tutorials, and reference materials.

This documentation starts by taking a look at the platform architecture, before looking at the individual platform extension points. Each extension point has its own detailed page, where you can find information and links to other resources such as tutorials. Finally, there is a selection of tutorials to help you get started.

Although this information covers extensions to platform, it is also possible to create extensions for Alfresco Share. For details, see Share extensions.