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Getting started

A platform integration is any remote service, application, or client that talks to the Alfresco repository remotely over HTTP.

In most cases you would build your extensions on top of the platform application or the Share user interface. However, there are use cases that does not fit the embedded extension approach very well, and where the remote integration approach makes more sense:

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): providing existing enterprise applications with content management functionality - for example, a CRM system that needs to store and retrieve documents in a central repository
  • WCM integration: providing files and images to a web content management system
  • Mashup: a web application that uses content from many different sources and that also needs to display some file and folder information
  • Custom UIs: this is the use case when the Share UI deviates too much from what the solution requires, so it makes more sense to build a new content management client form scratch
  • Mobile clients: such as iOS and Android applications that manage content