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Using Filtered search

Use this information for an overview of the filtered search capability in Alfresco Share along with its configuration details. It also describes how to define your own custom filters.

Filtered search within Alfresco is a powerful search feature that allows users to filter and customize their results by applying multiple filters to their search results in a navigational way. Filtered search breaks up search results into multiple categories, typically showing counts for each, and allows the user to drill down or further restrict their search results based on those filters.

Important: Filtered search uses the Solr 4 search subsystem and is enabled by default from Alfresco One 5.0 onwards. For more information on migrating from your existing search subsystem to Solr 4, see the Solr 4 migration documentation.

Configuring filtered search

You can configure filtered search either by using the configuration files or by using the Share Search Manager.

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