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Installing Alfresco as a single instance

Follow these steps to install a single instance of Alfresco.

The main stages involved in setting up and configuring Alfresco are shown in the diagram. These include preparing your system for installation, installing Alfresco as an out-of-box application, configuring it based on your requirements, and finally, testing and getting familiar to Alfresco.

Each of these main stages consist of sub-steps, as shown in the diagram, which shows the sub-steps that need to be performed in order to complete each main stage.
Note: Note that the steps shown in the diagrams have a colour code. For example, Preparing for install stage consists of four sub-steps, namely, Software requirements, Language support, Validate the architecture, and Validate the environment.

To get started quickly with installing a single instance of Alfresco, follow the process shown. Click on each step to learn more about it.

Software requirementsLanguage supportValidating the architectureValidating the environmentInstalling Alfresco using setup wizardsStarting the Alfresco serverTest and familiarize after installing AlfrescoUninstalling Alfresco on LinuxInstalling Alfresco using setup wizardsStopping the Alfresco serverTailoring your Alfresco installationCustomizing Alfresco applicationsInstalling an Alfresco Module PackageStarting the Alfresco serverTest and familiarize after configuring Alfresco

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