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Installing and configuring Alfresco Kofax Integration

Use this information to install, configure, and use Alfresco Kofax Integration.

Integrating Kofax Capture and Alfresco provides complete content management support including the capture, management, and publishing of content. Kofax Capture captures content from various sources, typically through scanning and OCR. The captured information is then released to Alfresco to be managed in an ad-hoc manner or using pre-defined business processes.

The Kofax architecture provides a plug-in architecture for deploying a Kofax Release script that is responsible for mapping and transferring the information captured by Kofax to the destination application or database.

Alfresco Kofax Integration comprises a Release script plug-in that is installed within the Kofax Capture application and a set of web scripts installed on the Alfresco server.

Alfresco Kofax Integration provides the following capabilities:

  • Alfresco server connection (connection URL, user name, password)
  • Destination folder in which to store the captured documents (folders can be automatically created based on index field values)
  • Mapping of Kofax Capture indexing information and files to Alfresco properties
    • Support for Alfresco types, sub-types, and aspects, and their associated properties
    • Mapping of Kofax Image (TIFF), Text (OCR), or PDF files to Alfresco content properties
  • Automatic versioning, overwrite, and error handling for existing documents

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