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Synchronizing user account status

Use this information to synchronize the enabled or disabled user status property LDAP with Alfresco after an LDAP sync.

Different LDAP directories store data in different formats. For example, Active Directory has an attribute called userAccountControl where the second bit (0x2) is an ACCOUNTDISABLE flag, Oracle Directory Server has an attribute called pwdAccountLockedTime, and LDAP systems derived from Netscape Directory Server (NDS) have a nsAccountLock attribute.

The values of these attributes need to be mapped onto a boolean property on the cm:person node. To do this, configure the attributes as follows:
  1. Open the <classpathRoot>/ file.
  2. For all directory servers, add the following properties:
    Property Name Description Example
    synchronization.externalUserControl Specifies if the users can be enabled. It set to true, the enables or disabled user status can be synchronized from an LDAP directory. If set to false (default setting), the users have to be explicitly disabled in Alfresco. false
    synchronization.externalUserControlSubsystemName Specifies the authentication subsystem that will handle the external user status. ldap1
    For all directory servers, the value of the synchronization.externalUserControlSubsystemName property must match the value from the authentication chain. For example, if your authentication chain looks like:
    then you need to set the synchronization.externalUserControlSubsystemName property as:
  3. For other LDAP implementations, you need to set two additional properties: ldap.synchronization.userAccountStatusProperty and ldap.synchronization.disabledAccountPropertyValue. To determine the name and the value of these properties see the specific LDAP implementation documentation.
    For example:
    • For OpenLDAP, add the following properties to the file:
      Note: Make sure you activate and configure the password policy (ppolicy) overlay. For more information, see Password Policies.
    • For Oracle, add the following properties to the file:
    • In addition to the above properties, for Netscape Directory Server systems (Oracle, Red Had, 389 DS), add the following properties to the file:
      Note: The nsAccountLock attribute is an operational attribute and may require some additional configuration depending on the directory server used.

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