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Working with Alfresco licenses

Access to Alfresco One is licensed on a per user basis.

You can register any number of users in Alfresco (see Setting up Alfresco authentication and security) and a license is only consumed when the registered user logs in to Alfresco and is authorized.

You can see a list of users along with their authorization states on the Admin Console > Users and Groups > Users page. A registered user can have any one of the following states:
  • Never Authorized: Specifies that the user has been registered but never logged in to Alfresco.
  • Authorized: Specifies that the user has successfully logged in to Alfresco.
  • Deauthorized: Specifies that the Administrator has removed the user from the authorization list.

If a user attempts to login for the first time and the user license limit has been exceeded, the login attempt will fail.