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Type-based Smart Folders

Type-based Smart Folders replicate a Smart Folder structure and apply it to many folders of a specific type, or carrying a specific aspect.
These are the key elements of Type-based Smart Folders:
  • Best used to replicate a Smart Folder structure on multiple objects
  • Allows you to configure new sections that are automatically embedded into folder and file properties
  • Allows you to associate a Smart Folder Template with a specific type or an object that has a specific aspect
  • New templates can be added in Repository/Data Dictionary/Smart Folder Templates
  • Names must match. For example, in our tutorial the Smart Folder Template clex_claimFolder.json matches the Claim Folder (clex:claimFolder) type
  • Additional settings required to enable this method. You could use any of these examples:
The smart.folders.config.type.templates.qname.filter property can be set to one of the following:
  • none for no types or aspects
  • * for all types and aspects
  • <prefix>:* for all types and aspects that are defined within a specified namespace
  • <prefix>:<name> for a type or aspect with the specified name
Advanced Smart Folders settings are provided in the <tomcat>/shared/classes/ file.

The setup of Type-based Smart Folders is somewhat complex, but is explained in detail in the tutorial. See Configuring claims management and Creating a new claim for more information.