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Site dashboard

Whenever you enter a site the first thing you see is its dashboard. The site dashboard contains information specific to the current site, and like your user dashboard, site information is organized and displayed in dashlets.

The site name is displayed at the top of the screen. The site manager has additional options under the tools menu and an additional Invite to Site add users button to set up and manage the site and it's members.

Sites are made up of different features, or pages, which you can find under the More menu. Each new site includes only a library, but a site manager can customize the site to include any combination of pages, including a wiki, a blog, a calendar, a discussion forum, web links, and data lists.

There's a Site Members link for managing the site membership.

Note: When more features are added to a site you can find this option on the More menu.

A site manager can resize most dashlets by clicking and dragging on the bottom edge of the dashlet until it's the height you want. This is saved between Alfresco sessions.

Tip: If you hover over a dashlet header then a Add Event icon icon appears. Click it for an explanation of what the dashlet does. This stays open until you close it or navigate away from the dashboard.

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