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Subsystem categories

Every subsystem has a category and a type.
  • Category is a broad description of the subsystem's function, for example, Authentication.
  • Type is a name for the particular flavor of implementation, where multiple alternative implementations exist, for example, ldap. Where a subsystem has only one implementation, you can use the default type name of default.
The Alfresco-supplied subsystem categories are:
Subsystem name Functional area More information
ActivitiesFeed Activities notifications Configuring the Activities Feed
Audit Audit related functions Auditing Alfresco
Authentication Authentication related functions Setting up authentication and security
ContentStore Properties for the encrypted and non-encrypted Content Stores Setting up content stores
email Outbound and inbound SMTP property settings Configuring inbound and outbound email
fileServers Properties for the CIFS and FTP servers. Configuring file servers
googledocs Properties for Google Docs integration Installing and configuring Google Docs integration
imap Properties for the IMAP service Configuring the email client with IMAP
OOoDirect OpenOffice transformations settings (use LibreOffice where possible) Configuring OpenOffice transformations in place of LibreOffice
OOoJodconverter Default settings for LibreOffice transformations Configuring LibreOffice
Replication Settings for the replication jobs tool Setting up and managing content replication
Search Search mechanism for Alfresco Configuring search
Subscriptions Settings for the activities feeds Enabling the Subscription Service
Synchronization Synchronization of local user and group information with the user registry exporters (usually LDAP directories) in the authentication chain Configuring synchronization
sysAdmin Properties for server administration Configuring server administration settings
thirdparty Properties for third-party software that is used by Alfresco, for example, ImageMagick Changing the Office subsystems
Transformers Properties for the transformation server Managing transformations
wcm_deployment_receiver Properties for WCM Deployment Receiver The Workflow Console