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Synchronization deletion

Users and groups removed from the LDAP directory or query are only identified when synchronization is triggered by the schedule job in either full mode or differential with removals mode.

Users and groups in Alfresco created as a result of a synchronization operation are tagged with an originating zone ID. This records the ID of the authentication subsystem instance that the user or group was queried from. On synchronization with a zone, only those users and groups tagged with that zone are candidates for deletion from Alfresco. This avoids accidental deletion of built-in groups, such as ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS.

When a removed user or group is detected, Alfresco will behave in one of two ways, depending on the value of the synchronization.allowDeletions property. When true (the default value), Alfresco simply deletes the user or group from the local repository. When false, the user or group is simply untagged from its zone, thus converting it to an Alfresco local user or group. A removed user also loses its memberships from any of the LDAP groups they were in, whereas, a removed group is cleared of all their members. As the user or group is retained in the Alfresco repository, this setting has the advantage that the site memberships for that user or group are remembered, should they later be reactivated.

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