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Document Transformation Server setup

The Document Transformation Server consists of two software modules: the Standalone Document Transformation Server and the Alfresco Transformation Client.
The Document Transformation Server is sold as an Alfresco module that is enabled with a license key:
  1. The Standalone Document Transformation Server runs on Windows and takes care of the file transformations.
  2. The Alfresco Transformation Client runs as part of Alfresco and communicates between Alfresco and the Standalone Document Transformation Server.

Disc I/O bandwidth

Microsoft Office transformations are I/O-heavy, and so on some solutions, I/O contention can be a performance bottleneck. When multiple Word conversions occur in parallel, performance can suffer heavily from poor random read and write speeds.

Using an Amazon EC2 instance c3.2xlarge, the I/O metrics are as follows:

  • seq. read speed: 131 MB/s
  • seq. write speed: 83 MB/s
  • random qd32 read speed: 10,4 MB/s
  • random qd32 write speed: 3,8 MB/s

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