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Troubleshooting clustering

Use these troubleshooting tips when testing cache clustering.
  • On Linux and Unix environments, you can use netstat -ln to check that the correct ports have been opened by the Alfresco server on the correct network adapters. You can use telnet <hostname><port> to check if each open port can be reached by each cluster member.
  • If your cluster members are using NAT and IPv4 addresses, you might need to force the server to listen on IP V4 addresses rather than IP V6. To do this, add: 
    to the startup options of Alfresco’s JVM. In a standard Linux/Unix installation, this would require editing of the JAVA_OPTS variable in the script, as follow:
    On a standard Windows installation, this would require adding the parameter just before ;-Dalfresco.home in:
    and then running the scripts:
    tomcat/scripts/serviceinstall.bat REMOVE
    tomcat/scripts/serviceinstall.bat INSTALL 

    to re-register the Alfresco service with the new option.

    For more information on the process of initiating clustering and the options available for configuring Alfresco clustering, see Setting up clustering.