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What is an entity?

The generic term used in the API for any object in an Alfresco repository is entity. An entity is of a specific entity type, and has a unique entity id.

The Alfresco REST API operates on the following entity types:

An Alfresco site is a project area where you can share content and collaborate with other site members.
A container is a folder or space in a site.
Members are the people who collaborate on a site.
People are the users of Alfresco. A person entity describes the user as they are known to Alfresco.
The sites that a person has marked as favorite in Alfresco (Deprecated). Use the favorites entity and methods.
A person's preferences in Alfresco.
A network is the group of users and sites that belong to an organization. You can find out specific network information or how it relates to a person.
Activities describe any past activity in a site, for example creating an item of content, commenting on a node, liking an item of content.
A node is an overall term for an item of content or a folder.
A person can comment on folders and individual items to give other users information or notes specific to that content.
Any item of Alfresco content can be tagged.
A person can rate an item of content by liking it. They can also remove their like of an item of content.
A favorite describes an Alfresco entity that a person has marked as a favorite.
site membership requests
A site membership request describes a request for a person to join a site in Alfresco.
A deployment resource represents one file inside a deployment.
process definitions
A process definition is a description of an execution flow in terms of activities. New processes are created and started for a process definition.
A process describes a running instance of a process definition.
A task describes one task for a human user.

A logical group of entities is termed a collection.