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Provides methods specific to manipulating files and folders. This service provides a simple way of accessing simple trees of files and folders in Alfresco.
Information FileFolderService
Support Status Full Support
Architecture Information Platform Architecture
Description The FileFolderService provides methods for dealing with Files and Folders. Operations include:
  • Copy a file or folder
  • Create a file or folder
  • Delete a file or folder
  • Get Readers and Writers for a file
  • List files and folders (with paged results)

The methods typically work with a NodeRef for the node that represents the target file or folder.

Deployment - App Server Deploy as AMP or Simple Module (JAR) package.
Deployment - SDK Project Use SDK archetypes to produce AMP or Simple Module.
Java API Java API Documentation
Java example
// Creating a PDF (or other document)

QName contentQName = QName.createQName("{}content");
FileInfo pdfInfo = fileFolderService.create(directory, filename, contentQName);
NodeRef pdf = pdfInfo.getNodeRef();

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