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Changing the Share theme

The look and feel of the user interface is set by a theme. The Application tool lets you select a color scheme for the user interface.
  1. Click Admin Tools, and then click Application.
  2. On the Options page, select a theme from the list.

    Choose one of the available themes:

    • Green Theme
    • Blue Theme
    • Light Theme
    • Yellow Theme
    • Google Docs Theme
    • High Contrast Theme
  3. Click Apply.

    The new theme applies the CSS and image assets across all pages.

The page refreshes to display with the selected theme. The changed theme affects all users from the next time they log in and persists across sessions.
A new installation uses the default theme.
Note: Site managers can customize the theme for an individual site. If a site theme has been changed, this will override any theme setting made in the Admin Tools.