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Customizing the interface

On your web page, action icons (Edit, Create Article, and Delete: ) mark each block of editable content. You can choose to hide or show these content markers.

By default, the content markers are displayed.

On the Web Editor toolbar, click Toggle Edit Markers to turn the content markers on and off. This button has two states:
  • Toggle edit markers_hide indicates the content markers are displayed. Click this button to hide the markers.
  • Toggle edit markers_show indicates the content markers are hidden. Click this button to display the markers.

When the content markers are hidden, the menus on the toolbar provide access to the in-context editing features. Use the Quick Edit menu (Toggle edit markers_show) to select the content you want to edit; use the Quick Create menu (Toggle edit markers_show) to create content.

The content markers must be visible to perform the Delete action.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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