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Customizing extension files

Extension files end with the extension .xml, and define <config> tags. A typical configuration file is <web-extension>/share-config-custom.xml.

A configuration file contains <alfresco-config> tags outside the <config> tags. You must preserve these tags in your customized file.
  1. Open the configuration file that you want to customize.
  2. Edit each pair of <config> </config> tags that you want to modify.

    Replacing a configuration

    To replace the configuration, add a replace="true" attribute to the configuration element. For example: <config evaluator="xx" condition="yy" replace="true">

    Attention: Any configuration within a section marked this way completely replaces any configuration found in the Alfresco-maintained files.

    Modifying one property

    The attribute replace completely replaces the configuration. To modify one property, add the changed piece.

  3. Save your customized file.