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Defining custom search filters using configuration file

You can define and create your own custom filters for being displayed on the search result page.

You can define custom filters in the file. You can also use this file to override the default filter properties.

  1. Navigate to the <classpathRoot>/alfresco/extension directory.
  2. Create the file.
  3. Open the file and specify your custom filter properties.

    Here's an example of custom filter configuration:\:description.filterID=filter_newFilter\:description.displayName=faceted-search.facet-menu.facet.description\:description.displayControl=alfresco/search/FacetFilters\:description.maxFilters=3\:description.hitThreshold=1\:description.minFilterValueLength=2\:description.sortBy=DESCENDING\:description.scope=SCOPED_SITES\:description.scopedSites=\:description.isEnabled=true
    Note: The values specified in the custom filters will overwrite the default filter's value. However, if you change the filter's default value(s) via Share, then any subsequent changes made to the filter values via the configuration files, won't be applied to the filter on server startup.

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