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Editing file and folder properties

Edit the basic details of a folder or file to change its name, description, and tags.
Note: If the selected folder or file has the Classifiable aspect applied, there will be an additional Categories option available.
  1. Hover over a file or folder and click Edit Properties.

    The Edit Properties dialog box displays the basic metadata for the item. The All Properties link in the upper right corner will display the full set of properties available for the item.

  2. Edit the details.

    The Name doesn't support the following special characters: * " < > \ / ? : and |.

    Note: The name can include a period as long as it is not the last character.
  3. Click Select beneath the Tags label to edit the tag associations. You can add and remove existing tags, and create new tags.

    On the Select page the left column lists the tags being used in this network. The right column displays the tags already associated with the folder or item.

    1. Create a new tag: Type the tag name and click the Create Tag icon Create new item icon (or press ENTER). Create one tag at a time. The tag can be a single word or a string of words.
    2. Add an existing tag: Find a tag in the left column and click the Add Tag icon Add icon to associate it with the current folder or item.
    3. Remove an existing tag: Find a tag in the right column and click the Add Tag icon Remove icon.
    4. Click OK to save the changes.

    Tip: You can add, edit, and delete tags by hovering over existing tags or the No Tags description in the document library.
  4. Click Save.

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