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Joining a site

When you join sites you gain access to the content that's stored on them.
Note: You can see all the sites you're a member of on the My Sites dashlet or by clicking Sites then My Sites on the Alfresco toolbar.
  1. Click Sites to see your Recent Sites and the site tools available.
  2. Click Site Finder.
  3. Enter a search term and click Search.

    Note: You can leave the search field empty to search for all available sites.

    All sites meeting your search criteria are now displayed. You have options to:

    • Join a public site
    • Request to join a moderated public site
    • Leave a site that you're a member of
    • Delete a site that you're a manager of
  4. Click on a site to go straight to the site dashboard.

    Tip: Click Customize Dashboard icon to leave or join a site, depending on whether you're already a member or not. If you request to join a moderated site then you'll need to wait until a site manager has given you access.
  5. Click Sites and you can add or remove the current site from your favorite sites list.

    Tip: When you favorite a site you can quickly access it from the Sites menu.

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