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Uninstalling Alfresco on Linux

Use this information to uninstall Alfresco on Linux.
The uninstalling steps below are based on the following assumptions:
  • Alfresco is installed using one of the Alfresco setup wizards.
  • Alfresco is installed at /opt/alfresco-.
  • Alfresco service is created.
  1. Navigate to the directory where Alfresco is installed.

    For example:

    • For Alfresco One, this is /opt/alfresco-one
    • For Alfresco Community, this is /opt/alfresco-community
    • For Alfresco One Platform, this is /opt/alfresco-one-platform
    • For Alfresco One Share, this is /opt/alfresco-one-share
  2. Launch the uninstall binary file.

    You will see the Question window.

  3. Click Yes to continue with uninstalling Alfresco.

    If you do not want to uninstall Alfresco, click No.

    The Setup window displays the progress bar for uninstalling Alfresco.

  4. After the uninstall process is complete, click OK to close the window.
The uninstall process is complete. The Alfresco installation directory has been successfully removed from your system.

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