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Unsync content from the cloud

When you no longer need your Enterprise on-premise content connected to the cloud, you can remove the sync.
  1. Hover over a synced file/folder in the library and click More then Unsync from Cloud.

    Tip: Files and folders synced to the cloud display the icon. Contents of a folder that have been synced display the icon.

    You must unsync the content at the same location where you applied the sync. This means that to unsync a file that was synchronized with its parent folder, you must unsync that parent folder.

    Tip: Click so view the location of the parent folder.

    You're prompted to confirm the sync removal and you can either leave a copy of the synced content in Alfresco Cloud or delete it. Select the Remove from the cloud option to remove the content from the cloud.

  2. Click Remove sync.

    The cloud icon to the left of the content is cleared, indicating the sync has been removed.

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