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Creating a photo search script

This tutorial shows you how to develop a script that provides the ability to search a site for photos.
There are no prerequisites for this tutorial.
This tutorial takes you through the creation of a simple web script to search a site for photos.
  1. Create the web script description file:In your favorite editor create the file photo-search.get.desc.xml with the following contents:

       <shortname>Photo Search</shortname>
       <description>Searches the specified site for photos</description>
       <format default="html">extension</format>

    Save the file in the following directory <alfresco_install>/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/templates/webscripts. You will need to create the templates and webscripts sub-directories as they do not exist by default. You might also need to change this directory path if you are using a Java application server other than Tomcat.

  2. In the same directory create the JavaScript controller, photo-search.get.js:

    const DEFAULT_MAX_RESULTS = 500;
    const SITES_SPACE_QNAME_PATH = "/app:company_home/st:sites/";
    function doSearch(siteId, maxResults)
        var alfQuery =
            'ASPECT:"exif:exif"' +
            ' AND PATH:"' + SITES_SPACE_QNAME_PATH + '/cm:' + siteId +
            '/cm:documentLibrary//*"' +
            ' AND NOT TYPE:"{}thumbnail"' +
            ' AND NOT TYPE:"{}folder"';
        var queryDef = {
            query: alfQuery,
            language: "fts-alfresco",
            page: {maxItems: maxResults},
            templates: []
        return search.query(queryDef);
    function main()
        var siteId =;
        var maxResults = (args.maxResults !== null) ? parseInt(args.maxResults) : 
        var nodes = doSearch(siteId, maxResults);
        model.nodes = nodes; = siteId;
  3. Now create a template file, photo-search.get.html.ftl, in the same directory, to display some information about the photos found:

    <p>List of photos in site: ${site}</p>
    <table border="3">
      <tr><th>File name</th><th>Properties</th><th>Manufacturer</th><th>dateTimeOriginal</th><th>focalLength</th></tr>
      <#assign manufacturer = "{}manufacturer"/>  
      <#assign dateTimeOriginal = "{}dateTimeOriginal"/>  
      <#assign focalLength = "{}focalLength"/>  
      <#list nodes as node>
            <#assign keys =>
            <#list keys as k>

    This FreeMarker template displays some EXIF information for each photo.

  4. Restart Alfresco to ensure that the newly created templates/webscripts directory is added to the Tomcat classpath.
  5. In Share, create a sample site such as sample-site.
  6. Upload a number of different files, including some photos, into your sample site's document library.
  7. Run the script using a URL such as http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/photo-search/<sample-site>. You can change <sample-site> to be the name of a site you have created.

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