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Alfresco applications

Alfresco applications are built on the content application server and rely on the server to persist, access, query, and manage content.

The two main Alfresco applications are:

  • Alfresco Explorer - the original application built with the Alfresco system to manage content. Explorer lets you browse the repository, set up rules and actions, and manage content and its metadata, associations, and classifications. Alfresco Explorer was built using Java Server Faces and is integrated into the content application server. It also has extensive capabilities for managing the repository as a system administrator tool.
  • Alfresco Share - the next-generation user interface built entirely with the Alfresco web script technology, and can be used to extend the application. Share provides content management capabilities with simple user interfaces, tools to search and browse the repository, content such as thumbnails and associated metadata, previews using Flash renditions of content, and a set of collaboration tools such as Wikis, Discussions, and Blogs. Alfresco Share is organized as a set of sites that can be used as a meeting place for collaboration.