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Configuring Share to open locked content in the source repository

You can configure Alfresco Share to open a locked node in the source repository so that it can be edited.

Configure Share by mapping the remote repository identifier (repositoryId) and the remote Share URL. This then gives access to the remote repository.
  1. On the source repository, locate the repositoryId by browsing to the remote server's CMIS landing page using the following URL:


    The repositoryId field is displayed in the CMIS Repository Information panel.

  2. On the target repository, save the <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml.sample file as <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml.
  3. Locate the following example configuration in your <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml file:

     <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Replication">
                Example config entry:
                  <share-url repositoryId="622f9533-2a1e-48fe-af4e-ee9e41667ea4">http://new-york-office:8080/share/</share-url>
    1. Uncomment the <share-url> element.
    2. Modify the repositoryId to match the value you located in step 1.
    3. Change the URL to point to http://localhost:8080/share.
    4. Save the <web-extension>\share-config-custom.xml file.
  4. On the target repository, reload the configuration by refreshing the web scripts: