Alfresco Support Handbook

Contact Alfresco Support

There are a number of ways to contact Alfresco support.

You have an issue, where do you go for help? If you are not sure, please do log it with support, but here is a high level guide on who can help with what.

Support Engineers

Support Engineers answer questions concerning end customer environments:

  • Specific functionality (“How should this button work?”)
  • Broken functionality (”I pressed this button and X should have happened, but I saw Y”)
  • Broken public API calls
  • Installation, upgrades, and configuration of Alfresco product solutions in customer environments

All of this is covered by your subscription.


Consultants help you to:

  • Build applications on top of Alfresco products
  • Design and architect your Alfresco Digital Business Platform project
  • Incorporate best practice advice
  • Help identify issues that are intertwined with custom code before handing off to Support

Alfresco consultants work on a per day basis and their services must be purchased separately from the subscription. Alfresco Partner consultants are arranged and billed through the Partner. You can arrange consulting hours through your normal Alfresco sales channel. If in doubt, please use

Partner Enablement Team

The Partner Enablement Team helps Partners with their specific environment, general and pre-sales related questions. You can find more at Partner Central or by contacting

Support contacts

When your support contract was activated, we asked for the names and details of support contacts who would log all your support cases.

Within the Support Portal, there is a Contact Management tab and feature where support contacts can be enabled/disabled.

If you would like to enable your allowed support contacts, please have your Primary Technical Support contact access the Support Portal and use the enable self service feature under the Contact Management tab.

If any contacts need to be updated and cannot access the Support Portal themselves, please have an existing support contact log a support case with the change request detailing the name, email address, and telephone number of the person/s requiring access. If there are no longer any enabled support contacts available to perform this task, please email directly to let us know.

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