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Web Quick Start

Web Quick Start is an easy-to-install package that provides developers with a strong starting point for their Alfresco implementations.

Web Quick Start is packaged in four parts:

  • An Alfresco Module Package (AMP) that extends the repository to support a generic website model
  • An AMP that extends Alfresco Share for editing content for the website, managing the structure of the website, and publishing content using workflow.
  • A JAR file that contains a Java API for accessing the website data held in the repository.
  • A web application that, when deployed to a servlet container such as Tomcat, delivers a fictional financial news website. The web application is a Spring MVC application constructed using Spring Surf, and communicating with the Alfresco repository using the Java API. As well as dynamically building the website from data held in the repository, Web Quick Start also provides examples of user generated content whereby content is sent from the web application back to the repository.