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Backing up and restoring the repository

Backing up an Alfresco repository involves backing up the directory pointed to by the dir.root setting, the database that Alfresco is configured to use, and the Solr/Lucene indexes.

For backing up the Solr indexes using the Share Admin Console or the file, or JConsole, see Backing up Solr.

For backing up the Lucene indexes, see Lucene index backup and restore.

The contentstore and database must be backed up as a single unit. When you restore an Alfresco backup, you must restore both the dir.root directory (only the contentstore and contentstore.deleted directories) and the Alfresco database from the same backup set. Otherwise, the repository may be corrupted.

The dir.root directory is defined in the file. By default, this directory is named alf_data and is located within the directory where Alfresco is installed.